For Sparky

I get these customers all the time; "You need to make this or that! I bet you'll make a million bucks!" A woman who goes by the moniker "Sparky" and her friend came by yesterday, and Sparky told me how to improve my brie bakers. "Make them stuck on a plate to have room for crackers," she said. Having made my share of one-piece "chip n' dips", that are impossible to store, the idea of making a one-piece brie and cracker tray didn't appeal to me. Unlike many people who persist in pushing their ideas on me, this time it became a game. We had fun -- I made alternate suggestions to her idea, and she tried to tell me how to make a better brie baker. Finally, after about 20 minutes of back and forth and a contest to see who would win in the end, her friend said, "I'LL TAKE IT!" The Tom Gray Pottery brie baker paired with the Tom Gray Pottery kinda square dinner plate won! Thanks Sparky and Sparky's friend!!! I bet I sell a million bucks worth of these!