building a new kiln!

Post number 1, 5/1/18. Thus begins a new adventure; building a new kiln in deference to my age :-)

I have built 3 kilns for myself, and assisted others in building and designing theirs. My last kiln, a 65 cu. ft. modified Minnesota Flat Top, is firing great, but due to my inability to fill it as quickly as I have in the past, I am building a smaller, more manageable kiln. My hope is that I can turn around a kiln load, albeit much smaller, in half the time. The total inside volume will be 30 cu. ft., giving me options I have not had in the past.

In addition to the kiln being smaller, I will use a design I have had in mind for quite some time. The 2 burners will be set up in diagonal corners, with an exit flue into the chimney under the shelves, kind of like a central bath tub drain. The burners and exit flue configuration should create a swirling effect, producing even temperatures throughout. Hopefully it will fire faster too, and be far more efficient.

I am sure someone, somewhere has already built a kiln very similar, but I have yet to see one, or hear of one. The ideas I wish to incorporate make a lot of sense to me, but it will be a month or so before I know if they are valid.

I'll keep you posted.