finally autumn

#1- Our driveway after yet another rain. It’s getting tiresome, all the rain, but it is better than drought.

#2- Big Bertha kiln firing #9 for 2018.

#3- The glow at the completion of firing #9. Close to 2300 F inside the kiln. Nice and warm in the kiln shed :-)

#4- Coffee in the AM with a new mamo glazed mug. This is #whyimakepots


Don’t forget! This weekend is a special time in Seagrove! All of us will be open and/or participating in the Celebration of Seagrove Potters at the old Luck’s Bean Plant on Hwy. 705 or the Seagrove Pottery Festival behind Seagrove Elementary School on Old Plank Rd.

Come and see us!