first pots for new year

Heading in to a new year! These pics are certainly not of all the pots I have made since the ball dropped, just pics I had time and forethought to capture. Up above, my ubiquitous large mixing bowls; we have 4 of these in the kitchen. I love chef's salads, and this is what I pig out from. If you don't eat that much salad in one sitting, you can use them to serve from, or maybe scramble a dozen eggs (+) in.


With Spring in mind, I am working on a few vases too. These, and more, will be heading to a garden show in Charlotte the end of next month.

Bread bowls. These are sturdy, thick, heavy, substantial. Slighter bigger than the large mixing bowls, these are made from twice as much clay. You would think that making a thicker, sturdier pot would be easier than a regular pot. It's not. These make great mixing and serving bowls too, but are made for people who like to mix dough and anything else, by hand, in a bowl that won't be scooting around the counter top easily. These bowls have presence. As I typed "presence" I could hear (in my head) James Earl Jones say the word "presence."

All for now-Tom