BIG bowls

Several years ago I had an opportunity to meet Brian Giffin, inventor of the Giffin Grip, a centering tool that many of us use to assist in trimming foot rings on our pots. Brian was incredibly gracious and patient with my special needs son that day, as he explained his tools, their uses, and manufacture. Oddly enough, my son had been out in the studio with me that morning as I trimmed bowls, and had asked what that device was. I have owned 2 different generation Giffin Grips, and have recently acquired a Jumbo attachment to my existing Grip to assist with trimming larger bowls. Now I will be able to easily transfer and trim much larger bowls than ever before. I know a lot of old school potters prefer to center and wad up their bowls, or use trimming chucks, but as I have had one of these since 1979, it has become one of my most important and useful tools. Thanks Brian!!!

More to come when this batch of 12# bowls dry and are ready to be trimmed.