no 15

Just days away from Christmas I am firing kiln load no 15 for 2016. My hope is to fire one more kiln load of glazed ware before the year ends, in hopes of being somewhat ready for whatever 2017 brings.

It has been a busy year here at TGP with new opportunities and avenues, for which we are very grateful. I can't say I am continually testing new designs, glazes, and shapes, but I do try to stretch my boundaries from time to time, even if that stretch means going back and rediscovering old ideas. Every now and then I stop, ponder, and scratch my head, "why did I stop making those?" 2017 might be a good year to do some revisiting.

The picture is of one of my bread bowls. I made a few of these much more sturdy than usual for those that make bread the old fashioned way, by hand, no stand mixer, no food processor, no bread machine. They make great salad bowls too. Thanks Dick and Susan! Enjoy!