I have been making pots since 1976 and in Seagrove, NC since 1990. While studying at the Virginia Beach Arts Center and Sandpiper Pottery in the 1970's, my initial focus was on slab and coil built bottles and vases. I eventually became enthralled with pots for the kitchen, and transitioned to the potter's wheel. Throwing on the wheel takes much practice and diligence, but I seldom tire of the process. I have always been fascinated by the potential of using my hands to create useful objects.

Glazes and firing

My glaze palette is primarily mattes, high alumina formulations that absorb light rather than reflect it, contrasted with unglazed areas, and splashed with high gloss glazes, often copper reds. Today I fire them in a 65 cu. ft. car kiln (in a reduction atmosphere), one I built in 1993. My pots are microwave and dishwasher safe, and safe to use in the oven provided the oven is not preheated.


My inspirations come from objects I enjoy using, or find visually pleasing, and I have always been fascinated with containers. Above all, my hope is that my pots occupy their spaces well. I also find inspiration in the works of all the potters who derive(d) their ideas of what makes up a good pot from the Hamada, Leach, Cardew, Shimaoka, and Casson influences.


My pots may be purchased here in Seagrove at my studio on Fork Creek Mill Rd; at Seagrove Creations right off of Exit 61 on Interstate 73/74/220; at Pea Island Gallery in Salvo, NC; at Seagrove Pottery in Cary, NC; My Mountain Home in Blowing Rock, NC; and Turning Leaf Wood Art in Blue Ridge, GA.

Tom Gray Pottery-handmade pots for the arts, acts and rituals of food preparation, serving and dining.